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Israeli High-Tech Industry Report – Q1 2023

First Q1, 2023 report shows - The Israeli high-tech industry is #growing. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (#CBS) most recent report dated May 4, 2023, the average salary per salaried position in the high-tech industry in February 2023 was 30,241 NIS gross. This figure represents a 1.6% increase from February 2022, when the average salary was 29,774 NIS. The data is especially encouraging because February 2022 was the peak of the high-tech industry's worker demand, resulting in record-breaking earnings for those in the field. Furthermore, the report shows that the number of salaried jobs in the high-tech sector increased by 3.8% in February 2023 compared to February 2022, totaling 391.8 thousand. This represents a 0.2% increase over January 2023, when the figure was 391.2 thousand. The #hightech sector is one of Israel's most important economic contributors. Despite accounting for only about 10% of the Israeli #workforce, high-tech workers pay roughly one-third of all income #taxes in the country. The data emphasizes the high-tech sector's continued growth and importance to the Israeli economy. According to the report, the highest salaries were given to workers in scientific R&D, followed by programming and computer consulting. These divisions are critical to the industry's growth, and their continued success is critical to the industry's continued position as a vital contributor to the Israeli economy. The CBS report provides encouraging news for Israel's high-tech sector and suggests that the industry will continue to thrive in the coming years. If Israel continues to invest in the field, it will likely maintain its position as a global leader in technology and innovation. Read more (Hebrew):


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