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Soapy announced a collaboration with hospitals in Israel and across the globe

We are thrilled to share some exciting news about our portfolio company, Soapy - Clean Data, Clean Hands! This remarkable company has recently announced a collaboration with several hospitals in Israel and across the globe. At Sarona Partners, we recognized the incredible potential of Soapy's innovative solution to prevent infections among patients in healthcare facilities. We are proud to have invested in this game-changing start-up, which is making significant strides in improving hygiene standards in the healthcare industry. Soapy has developed a cutting-edge technology that measures over 100 different parameters in handwashing, creating a quality index for hygiene assessment. This data is then analyzed and reported through a dedicated application, providing valuable insights into the level of cleanliness and preserving crucial information. In addition to the remarkable impact on infection prevention, Soapy's technology also #optimizes the #consumption of #disinfectants, #soap, and #water, leading to operational #efficiency and reduced waste. It's truly a win-win situation for both patient safety and environmental sustainability. We extend our congratulations to Max Simonovsky and the entire team for their outstanding work and achievements. Keep up the excellent work, Soapy! Read more (Hebrew):


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