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Why Sarona

At Sarona Ventures, we excel in leveraging relationships, technology, and infrastructure to drive extraordinary business outcomes.

Originally emerging from the esteemed Bouaziz Family Office Fund, we have grown to become a driving force in the industry. We remain rooted in our Family Fund heritage, operating with meticulous attention, shared risk, and a strong commitment to serving our ecosystem stakeholders, going beyond financial success.

Our Philosophy

Win the value-add

We provide more than just money to our portfolio companies. Our extensive network, expertise, and resources are available to help startups navigate challenges, identify growth opportunities, and scale. We offer ongoing support, including mentoring, opening doors around the world and strategic planning sessions, to ensure all of our partners succeed.

Coverage and ever-relevant

We work hand-in-hand with +350 multinational companies, putting us right in the middle of all the latest innovations. By being active partners, we get to understand their struggles and solutions firsthand. This close collaboration keeps us, and our community, informed and ahead of the curve, ensuring we’re always ready to tackle the next big thing and help our network members succeed.

Synergies, synergies, synergies

We operate a dynamic ecosystem where everyone connects and interacts, making Sarona the go-to place for startups, investors, big companies, co-investors, and talented individuals. Being part of Sarona is like joining an exclusive club where every member, from entrepreneurs to investors, benefits from shared knowledge, opportunities, and success. It’s a hub of collaboration and innovation for its elected members.

Structure enables scale

We know how to build businesses that stand the test of time and scale. Our approach is to create self-sufficient entities that bring lasting value and profits. Every project we start is aimed at offering substantial growth and top-notch services to our partners and companies. It’s our down to earth business experience and deep understanding that make us a go-to venture capital fund, ensuring enduring success and unmatched value.

Our Mission is to support financially and commercially the most extraordinary companies of our generation and deliver unparalleled value to our portfolio, investors and partners.

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Our People

Philippe Bouaziz

Founding Managing Partner, Chairman

Alex Bouaziz

Venture Partner

Shai Goel

Associate & Senior Analyst

Daniela Weinsweig

Strategic Partnerships & CVCs Investor Relations

Toot Shani

Founding Managing Partner, CEO

Arie (Lionel) Hayat

Head of Finance & Fund Administrator

Eytan Pardo Roques

Israel Business Development, Sarona Innovation Centers

Mazi Deri

Payroll Manager

David Debash

General Operating Partner

Daniel Partida

Value Creation LATAM &
Head of Corporate Innovation

Eric Cohen

Marketing Manager

Alana Rubin

U.S. Value Creation

Morris Levy

Managing Partner, USA

Alexandre Dewin

Operating Partner, Sarona Innovation Centers  

Lana Shapiro

Investor Relations

Patrick Simon Bouaziz

Coach in-House & Business
Development Partner

Advisory & Guest Committee Members

Alex Bouaziz.png

Alex Bouaziz

Co-Founder, CEO

Liat Zakay.png

Liat Zakay

Co-Founder, CEO

Josh Pollick.png

Josh Pollick

Technology Partner

Shuo Wang.png

Shuo Wang

Co-Founder, CRO

Jonathan Cherki.png

Jonathan Cherki

Co-Founder & CEO

Don Stalter.png

Don Stalter

General Partner

Frank Cohen.png
sap goldman sacks.png

Frank Cohen

Co-Founder & CEO

Tom Livne.png

Tom Livne

Co-Founder & CEO

Anthhony Schiller.png

Anthony Schiller

Managing Partner

Ilan Twig.png
trip action.png

Ilan Twig

Co-Founder, CTO

Arik Shtilman.png

Arik Shtilman

Co-Founder & CEO

Jermy Fine.png
open sea uber.png

Jermy Fine

Corporate Dev

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