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Inpris HumAIns present innovative AI-powered personal assistants

Meet Angel and Naomi, the new Inpris HumAIns AI Superstars!

Happy to introduce you to #Angel and #Naomi, two AI-powered personal assistants developed by our incredible 365x Scale Up alumni startup - Inpris HumAIns - They are revolutionizing the way humans interact with artificial intelligence!

Angel, embedded in Hyundai vehicles, wowed the visitors in the #ecomotion conference in #TLV during a video call. She can answer questions about car health, provide winter driving tips, and more. She's the epitome of a human-like AI assistant!

Naomi, the AI teacher in the Amit state-religious school network, is already transforming education. you can have an enlightening conversation with her on WhatsApp, where she can share insights on goal achievement using the SMART model. Education just got a major upgrade!

Inpris HumAIns product line combines human-like characteristics with the power of AI. Angel can express real-time emotions through voice and facial expressions, setting her apart from traditional chatbots. She's a credible representative for businesses, providing accurate answers and a delightful service experience.

Well done Nissan Yaron and the team!!

Stay tuned for more updates as Inpris continues to redefine the #AIlandscape

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