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Venture & Capital Partner

by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs


Founded and driven by international entrepreneurs, Sarona Ventures is investing in early-stage B2B companies and focusing on providing our portfolio with strong and targeted international business development.

30 years of growing companies have brought our partners to have a global network of individuals and organizations who are keen to partner with us to drive joint business initiatives.
Our Partners have structured, developed and deployed countless of Enterprise and SMB Software solutions. With cumulative experience of almost 100 years, we are an invaluable partner to B2B software centered companies
Our Partners have made significant international business, establishing companies from inception to IPO, structuring international organizations and dealing with dozens of M&As both as sellers and buyers.


Managing Partners

Philippe Bouaziz
Chairman; Member of the Investment Committee
Serial entrepreneur & Angel investor. Founder & Chairman of Prodware Group (IPO).
Alain Beaulac
Member of the Investment Committee
Angel investor, President of Entrepreneur Experts Consultants, Founder & former Chairman of Entrepreneur Venture
Golan Bar-Or
Partner, CEO; Member of the Investment Committee
CMO at Prodware Israel. +15 years in marketing of enterprise software solutions
Daniel Abitbol
Senior Partner, Post-Investment Business
Serial entrepreneur & Angel investor. Have founded and exited 3 FinTech companies
Raphael Benadmon
Partner, COO
Senior Wealth Manager & Investor Relations overseed altogether over $1B
Toot Shani
Partner, VP Business Development
International business development worked in 4 continents with over 300 startup teams

Investment Focus

Being that we only invest when we are able to provide our strong business capabilities, we invest in companies in the following focus areas that are at most 12 month away from pilots or customer deployments

Early Stage

  • Pre-Seed
  • Seed
  • Series A


  • B2B business model
  • Enterprise/ SMB solutions

Strong Tech

  • Software
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Top-level tech team

High Growth

  • Significant market size
  • Innovative
  • Scalable

The Framework

We invest in entrepreneurs who understand the value of hands-on
support and provide them with the full framework to succeed.

Subsidized workspace

As our portfolio company you get a dedicated office space at one of our Sarona Space facilities to keep rent costs to the minimum and capture maximum value from Sarona added services.

Dedicated Business Partner

Once invested in your company, one of our Business Partners is taking you under their aisle, instilling their experience and network to build together with you a grand, growing operation.

Worldclass Advisors

Planning ahead alongside people who know the way, including the hidden paths and unseen traps is invaluable. Our understanding of the enterprise and SMB arena is crucial when setting the strategy of your company.

International business development

Our business development support is an active operational engagement of setting up your distribution channels, signing contracts with resellers and strategic customers and truly scaling your company globally.

Business Partners

Franck Cohen
Chief Commercial Officer & President of EMEA at SAP SE
Pascal Murciano
President, Tech Data
President & Managing Director at Tech Data France
Patrice Giami
Chairman, HOT
Serial entrepreneur. Executive Chairman at HOT. Co-founder & Co-CEO at TextMe
Theo Hoffenberg
Founder, Reverso
Founder & CEO at Reverso, an instant translation app serving millions of daily users around the world


Anne Baer
Strategic Partnerships
CEO iKare Innovation and Country Head at InnoCherche Israel
Maxime Cohen
Data Science & Machine Learning
Assistant Professor at NYU Stern. Previously Research Scientist at Google NYC
Joe Cherson
Patents & Intellectual Property
Technology consultant and Hi-Tech Patent Attorney
Elie Galam
Blockchain, ICO, Digital Assets & Cryptocurrencies
Mathematician and quantitative hedge fund CIO
Emmanuel Kadouch
Founder at Kadouch & Co. Law Offices
Viviane Neiter
Governance and Compliance
Member of Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC)
Ollie Newth
Artificial intelligence (AI) & Neural Language Processing (NLP)
Product Manager at Facebook. Former Product Manager at Microsoft Cognitive Service

Business Partners

Located at prime locations, Sarona Space offers variety of office spaces to startups, freelancers and companies in the Hi-Tech industries bringing together investors, business partners and elite entrepreneurs.